Did you ever want to work in the film business but you never realized this dream?
Do you have the feeling that you have hidden talents that you do not know yourself?
Or you’re just at the very beginning of your boundless career?

Then become one of us – become a CASCADEUR!

In the film industry there is everything: Creative, craftsmen, technicians, artists, adventurers and dreamers – there is just one thing which everone has to bring: the pure passion for the cinema!

From producer to storyboard-artist, from the actor to set runner. If you come from the film industry or from a completely different career – discover the Cascadeur in you!

Attend our project in front and behind the camera, share us actively with your network on Facebook, Twitter & Co. or support us as a blogger, editor or journalist – be a part of the CASCADEUR Community!

CASCADEUR RELOADED is the Sequel of the German action-adventure film “Cascadeur: The Amber Chamber“, a complex and unusual genre film, which already recruited many young professionals for the German film industry in 1997 – including some future winners of national and international film awards, as the producers of the Oscar-winner “The Lives of Others“.

And today CASCADEUR RELOADED is a platform for young filmmakers and redefines the term “crowdsourcing“:

The crowd creates CASCADEUR RELOADED and from the beginning they have a determining influence on which way the movie goes.

For example you can recut, add new sound or create a new dubbing. You can give the film an unexpected direction. But you can also write a new script for a sequel or prequel.

You can create new scenes, add them to the old scenes, draw storyboards, tell a film-by-film story – everything is possible, everything is allowed!

The crowd is working at home at the computer or dives into the world of our CCCs, the CASCADEUR COMMUNITY CAMPS: along the lines of international BarCamps we meet in selected cinemas in Germany, watch “Cascadeur: The Amber Chamber” together and then we talk about our ideas.

Of course many jobs within the various production phases of CASCADEUR RELOADED will be filled directly from the crowd. Even the distribution of the film in German cinemas will be achieved through the crowd. The crowd is always in the center!

Are you in on it?
We look forward to you!

Here you find some eyefood:

Have a look at the trailer of CASCADEUR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evqQ0qeelDY

Have a look at the atmosphere of the premiere 1998 in the Olympic Stadium in Munich 1998: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTqvU8o6grc

Watch the movie CASCADEUR for free at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv5v4BHIGtU (We are working on subtitles!)

Do not hesitate to ask questions, how you can participate in the production of the sequel of this feature film production, just send a mail to info(at)cascadeur.de

The Cascadeur Community Team

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